People love posters! Plus, I'm a poet?

Photos: The National Archives Catalog

Photos: The National Archives Catalog

Eeek! While my first Supper Club piece on metal in the microwave made it to the AV Club front page, today's history of WWI food propaganda traveled all the way to the coveted top slot by 9:00 am. Woo-hoo! It turns out that folks love a catchy slogan and patriotic pageantry.

As always, the comments are a hoot.

Someone got very into the "substitution" suggestions of the era...

...but in general, the mood was (and I paraphrase), "AV Club has been a shit-show recently but more stuff like this can save them." Awww... you're making my heart swell!

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 2.46.58 PM.png

One commenter even said I was poetic...

...and it seems my editor agrees!

Speaking of "Liberty Cabbage"...