The Takeout has arrived


Back in September, Supper Club celebrated its one-year anniversary. I even made it into the Top 10 round-up. But I'd been hearing rumblings that our little food journalism project was getting ready for a spin-off.

Well, The Takeout has arrived

The driving force remains Editor-in-Chief Kevin Pang, but as The Takeout looks to grow into a flourishing food force of its own, the site has added Managing Editor Jen Sabella (formerly of DNAinfo Chicago) and a full-time staff writer, Kate Bernot (formerly of Draft magazine, and -- way-back-when -- Chicago Foodies like me!)

I'm looking forward to keeping up my Food Science column for the new site, plus digging deep into food history and culture pieces like I did with my last feature, "Why have Americans stopped eating turtle?"

Supper Club is dead. Long live The Takeout!